Global Volunteer Projects in Slovakia

Why should you go to Slovakia?

Slovakia is traditionally a rich European country and it has a fantastic cultural heritage. Although the country does not have a huge population, its small population is divided into many regions and each regions and each region has its own cultural identity and significance. The Slovak people have splendid treasure of folk dances, music, art, dialect and traditional costumes.

National Project: Educate Slovakia

This project is contributing to SDG #4 (Quality Education). This project is ran under patronage of Ministry of Education in Slovak Republic project collaboration tools.

We want young people in Slovakia to become more proactive and understand themselves through knowing other cultures and differences in the world. The project brings students from different parts of the world to do lectures and interactive workshops, which will help you to become more self-aware and confident. Project is contained of one week preparation seminar and four/five weeks delivery of curricula that differs depending on the age group. Educate Slovakia for Schools is about the following topics: intercultural communication, self-awareness, world issues, and traditions of the country gqmxnek.

Project Timeline:

  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Start between: 9th January 2017 and 20th February 2017
  • Activities:
    • preparation of needed materials
    • preparation of country ambassadorship
    • attendance and participation on the preparation seminar
    • preparation of the lectures for the specified topics
    • delivering of the lectures for the specified topics
    • participation in project meetings and activities
    • participation in individual assessment meetings
    • participation in committee meetings and activities
    • participation in external and networking events
    • participation in evaluation of the project
    • participation in the showcasing of the project

For more information:

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